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The Internet has made it possible to play online lottery games. Legal in many jurisdictions, online lottery sites are huge companies with deep pockets that offer guarantees and payments on winnings. Besides, they facilitate the collection process and offer special promotions and rewards programs. Some sites even offer instant games. It all depends on the site you choose and the rules in your jurisdiction. Read on to know more about playing online lottery games. However, be aware that there are some restrictions on online lottery sites.

Legality of online lottery in some states

While the legality of online lottery games is disputed, most states that have added online games have done so through a legislative process. Adding language such as “including sales on the internet” and other formal language to the lottery law has been an effective way to avoid potential challenges from a future administration. However, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island have opted to skip the legislative process, determining that existing laws allow for enough latitude to include online products. Although online lottery sales are legal in most states, they are not yet allowed in five states.

Online lottery sales are not allowed by federal law, but many states in the Northeast are working to pass legislation that would allow them to operate. New Hampshire legalized its online lottery last summer, offering e-Instant games that players can play on their desktop, tablet or smartphone. New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are also in the process of legalizing online lottery sales. A final decision on whether to legalize online lottery sales is expected in 2019.

Instant games available on some sites

Instant games are instant lottery games that can be played online and are often referred to by different names. They can resemble games like slot machines or scratch tickets, and some have crosswords and poker-like mechanics. The games don’t require skill to play, and top prizes can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending on where you play, you can buy tickets for as little as a quarter or as much as $10, so they are accessible to many different budgets.

Virtual lottery games are not available in all states. Georgia went online twenty years after it first got its lottery, and they use the same software provider, Diggi Games. Other states have virtual lottery games, but none offers such an expansive catalog. The first state to use the instant game format was Massachusetts, which followed New Jersey shortly after. Then in 1975, the Michigan Lottery began offering scratch-off games. The lottery there is now approaching its 50th anniversary.

Restrictions on playing online

If you’re looking to play online lottery games, you may have heard of some of the restrictions. Currently, you must be over 18 to play. You may be asked to provide proof of age, but you’ll also be signing up for the rules and conditions. The Lottery reserves the right to cancel your account or delete it if you are found to be underage. The new age restriction takes effect in April 2021.

There are some state-specific restrictions on playing online lottery in the USA. Among these are the requirement that players provide their local addresses when registering. Once they’ve registered, they can only purchase lottery tickets in their state. Luckily, six states allow residents to purchase instant lottery games and lottery tickets online. However, you may find it difficult to access lottery websites in those states. Those in the US should contact the state regulatory authorities to find out if online lottery play is legal in their state.

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